The Full List of What We Do!

Marc W. Kohler and Fran Slade
Studio: 168 Armistice Blvd.
Pawtucket, R.I. 02860
Mail: P.O. Box 16095 Rumford, R.I. 02916
Tel: 401-441-2129
Home:  401-438-4921


Face Painting 

Characters, Costumes, and Parades
Over 50% of our gigs are face pace painting. 
See Photos on Face Book at Mar. W. Kohler under Our Work and Face Painting

Art Workshops

1)  Puppet and Mask Making

a)         Puffit Making – Quick Puppet invented by Marc Kohler
b)        Shadow Puppets
c)         Plaster Bandages over Styrofoam
d)        Wood filler over Styrofoam
e)         Marionettes in several forms
f)           Rod Puppets
g)  Mask making and Parade
i)      5 Quart Bucket Masks
ii)   Cardboard Masks

2)  Mural Making

iv) On Paper 36″ wide 15-30′
v)   On Wood  Luan Wood
vi) On Buildings (Permanent Paint)

3)  Ceramic and Clay Workshops

a)        Push Bowls. Slab Work
b)       Wheel Work
c)        Treasure Troves:  Treasure in Clay base

4)  Drums and Rhythm Workshop

a)         Drum Making and Rhythm Instruments
b)        Rhythm (2/4 and 3/4 Time)
c)           The Big Parade

5)  Plaster and Concrete

a)      Plaster Piece painting
b)       Plaster Casting
c)       Sand Casting Workshop
e)        Stepping Stones in Concrete
f)         Mosaic Workshop with real tiles and mosaic pieces.

6)  Drawing & Painting

a)   Block Printing and Texture Work
b)  Free Drawing and Painting
c)    Drawing from “plans”
d)  Painting to Large Size finished Product

7)  Broadway/Stage Workshop

a)   Costumes. Make-up, Characters and short skits.
b)  Video Tape Show

7)    Plants and Gardening

a)   Flower Pot Painting sealed with high gloss sealer
b)   Planting flowers and/or spider plants.

8)  Cloth Works

a)   Tie Dyeing, Batik, an other dying Projects
b)  Simple Costumes and Hats

9)  Sculpture

a)   Plaster mixed with vermiculite (NEW)
b)  Wood gluing and simple carving
c)  Air Dry Clay over sculpture shaping metal

10)       Games and Crafts from the Past and Present

a)  Fuse Beads, Lanyards (Gimp), and other crafts
b) Old Games Played on Fields (Potato Sack, Egg throwing)
c)  Carnival Games
d) Old Games with Boards (Chess, checkers, etc)
e)  Basketball with raveling hoop on wheels
f)     Horse Shoes for adults and another set for children
g)  Basketball Hoop game from Toy store
h) Knock Hockey

Mosaic Workshop

a)  Viewing Mosaic Works and ample Designs

b)  Make Mosaics with construction Paper.

c)  Design and make mosaic on plywood.

d)  Apply grout and finish piece

 Storytelling –
Captain Marcus Pirate Show -How a Bad Pirate Learned to be good.
Captain Marcus World Pirate Show–Backed by a map of the world, Captain Marcus tells tales of Pirates and Geography.
Bugs Safari: Bob and Betty the Bug People introduce the families of Insects with stories, and magic!
Burning of the Gaspee:  Captain Lindsay tells the tale while he guides the Hannah near the Warwick shore.
The Cowardly Lion and Glinda the Witch tell OZ tales
King and Queen Cole tell tales and stories of medieval life in a Castle.
Mother Goose and Farmer Brown: Nursery Rhymes and related play activities and games.
Train Engineer and Conductor—let’s travel–Trains and History
Corporal Adam Adams MacAdams from Fort Adams and a Nurse tell stories of the Civil War, read the Gettysburg Address, and introduce children to this period in American History.
Puppet ShowsThe Landing of the Schlunk (Written with Kevin Lima), The DragonThe Rabbit Loses His EarsJack and the BeanstalkHanukkahPurim and Kibbutz shows, Christmas shows and 15 educational values shows from litter prevention to fire safety to equality to the value of education and more.

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