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This page is for those interested in doing puppet shows, teaching puppetry, or learn about puppets in general. I will post ideas here for you.  








Here are the plans for a folding stage which is incredible.  It is 75″ high, 30″ deep, and 60″ wide.

It comes from The Puppet Theater handbook by Majorie Batchelder.  I strongly recommend getting this book for anyone who wants to do puppet shows.  You have to click on this drawing to see the complete plan.FOLDINGSTAGEPLANS








This is a plan for an excellent workshop stage for hand puppets
This is a plan for an
excellent workshop
stage for hand puppets


This is made from 4’X8’ sheet of TRI-WALL.  It is a three thickness cardboard which is used to do cardboard carpentry with children,  AA are the two side walls for the stage.  They have two notches in them to hold the backdrop.

B is the front of the stage.

C is the optional “lip” for the stage which gives the stage depth, and provides a place to hold props. 

This has to be slipped on with the extra cardboard (D) as guides. 

The stage is tied with four cords or thick shoelaces through the eight holes in the corners.  The Backdrop is made of 1”X2” wood,  5’ ft. wide.  A piece of burlap (4’ X 18”) is attached to the board.  A second piece of cloth is attached “behind” this burlap which is about one foot longer than the burlap.  This is where the children will kneel to perform their puppets.  The second piece has to be dark to stop light from coming through to the burlap.  This burlap is called a “scrim”, and it will allow the performers to see the audience through the scrim.

You can click on the drawing to see it in full size.

Workshop StagePage2









Top Third
Top Third

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