The Puppet Workshop Summary


By Marc Kohler
Youtube Channel: Marc Kohler
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 16095, Pawtucket, RI
The Puppet Workshop was created in 1970 when I worked at the City of Providence Recreation
Department.  It was my work as a Conscientious Objector, and I worked as a puppeteer, performing puppet shows
in all schools in Providence–public, private, and parochial.
In 1972, we formed a non-profit educational 501(C)3 organization, The Puppet Workshop.   In 1977, I
got a patent on a puppet that we invented to workshops in street settings.  From then until 1993, we
made over 25,000 of these  “Puffets” with children, adults, and special needs participants.  There are over forty performances 
listed below, I am still looking for additional pieces. It was not until 2014, when ai tied to express 
and get a sense of why the puppets worked so well in our workshops, and how they could form the 
basis for a new uses of puppet making in educational and therapeutic settings.  
Here are some of the people who contributed to the success of The Puppet Workshop and
have moved on to careers in the arts:
Jim McPherson   Character designer, http://www.jimmcpherson.com
Erminio Pinque  Big Nazo Puppets http://bignazo.com
Kevin Lima Director Enchanted, Tarzan, 101 Dalmatians 2, and more.
Gail Eastwood  Author and wrote Nolan’s Christmas Surprise
Gina Melone  V-P for Electronic Toys at Hasbro
Bob Doucette  Animation Director, LA
Stephen Snyder, Producer for The World, WGBH Musician
Stephen Jobe  Recently Resident musician at Trinity Square Repertory Co,,
Providence, RI
Mychal Gendron:  Classical Guitarist and Teacher, http://www.opusguitar.com
Marvin Novogrodski  Storyeller, Juggler, more http://www.marvmarv.com
David Ely  Drama and Theater Teacher at The :Lincoln School, Providence. RI
A.J. Morse, Art Teacher Providence Public School Department
Section 1:  Teaching the Art of Puppetry:
Introduction to the Kohler Puppetry Method:
Puppet Making Workshops:
Special Needs work:
Over the years, we did all sorts of workshops and classes in puppetry and masks.
     12 Week Class in Puppetry for adults (School Teachers, Public, arts coordinators)
Children’s Workshops:
Found Object Puppets
Rod Puppets
Foam Puppets (Designed by Jim McPherson)
“Tube” Foam Puppets
Shadow Puppets
5 Bucket Masks
Papier Mache Puppets and masks (Multiple sessions)
Second 2 Educational One-Person Presentations
Better Understanding through Guidance in Schools
and other Educational Programs
-—The Need for Rules and Authority Bad Day for Gary Bug at Bugtropolis
——Drug Abuse Prevention (K-3) Be a Buddy to Your Body
——Hygiene and Personal Acceptance   Boggle Takes Steals the Cake:
—-Peer Pressure  The Bugglelink (No video)
—-Equality   Boggle the Bee Meets Boggle the Bug
—-Drugs Abuse Prevention(4-6)  The Big Party
—-Littering Prevention  Lily the Litter Bug
—-Heinrich the Bee Meets the Sugar Bug
—-Value of Education Show Buglet Goes to School
—-Sexual Abuse Prevention (K-3)  Know When to Say No
—- Sexual Abuse Prevention (4-6) Be Safe, Stay Cool
—-Personal and School Pride  The Vandalism Bug
—Dental Care and Plaque: The Plaque Monster
—-Introduction to School Meet the People in Your School
—-Fire Safety Rules:  Fire Safety is Smart and so Am I
—-Drug Abuse Prevention (K-3) Race to the Top
——Drug Abuse Prevention (K-5) The Dragon
——Nutrition, Cleanliness, and Tasting new foods Cathy and Juan Food Show
—-Economic Education: The Great Acorn Battle Commissioned by the RI Center for  Economic Education.
——Ethnic Backgrounds  The Calliope no video
—-Dealing with Divorce Escape to the Forest no video
Full Company Shows
—-Jack and the Beanstalk: Created by Erminio Pinque and Garland Farwell.
—-The Rabbit Loses His Ears:
——Nolan’s Mask
—-The Landing of the Schlunk
—-The Lamb’s Christmas
—-The Bear’s First Christmas
—-The Brave Little Tailor
—-The Fish Who Climbed the Mountain
—-America Defacto created by Garland Farwell
—-Nolan’s Christmas Surprise by Gail Eastwood-Stokes
—-The Dragon
—-Body Magic (Commissioned by the Harvard Community Health Plan)
—-RI History: The Burning of the Gaspee 
Second 3  Presentations not video taped
—-Beauty and the Beast by Erminio Pinque and Garland Farwell
Music by Stephen Snyder Music by Stephen Snyder
—-Kingdom Without a King   Costumes by Norman Johnson
Music by Stephen Snyder
—-Nolan the Mole and the Molar Mystery
Puppets by Kevin Lima, Jim McPherson, and Norman Johnson.
Music and lyrics by Robert Brissette
—-Hanukkah Presentation: A Brighter Light with music
by Mychal Gendron.  Commissioned by Temple Habonin,
Barrington, RI
—-Purim Presentation  The Story of Esther Commissioned by Temple Habonin
An audio tape exists of this show.
—-Chicken Man by Chicken Man   Chicken Man by Michelle Edwards commissioned by
R.I. Jewish Community Center, Providence, RI
—-Economic Education:  Dollars and Sense Commissioned by 
the RI Center for Economic Education.
—Midsummer Night’s Dream Puppet designs by Kevin Lima Music
by Mychal Gendron
—-The Love Mop  Take off of Midsummer Night’s Dream
—-RI History:   The Kidnapping of General Prescott  Commissioned
by RI BiCentennial Commission
—Halloween Traditions  The Gork
—-Middle School Social Studies:  The Revolution Show
Commissioned by the Barrington, RI Middle School
—Middle School Social Studies:  Greek Myths: The Story of Persephone
Commissioned by the Barrington, RI Middle School
—The Landing of the Schlunk started its life as a two person hand puppet