Puppet Shows on YOUTUBE

There are 24 videos on YOUTUBE of PUPPET WORKSHOP Puppet Shows  from 1982 to 1992.

The Channel is: Marc Kohler




This was one of our most interesting productions. Bob Doucette, our Designer at the time, converted puppets from many shows to create the large cast for this show. All the puppets had been made over the years for other shows. Steven Jobe wrote the words and music for the show, except Here Come the Puppets. He went on to become the resident composer for the Trinity Square Repertory Company in Providence. I have always thought that “Welcome to the City” should have had many more puppets. It captures the feeling of the citizens who have “lost” their good king to a scheming prime minister.
The set was designed and created by Kevin Lima for a production of Puss and Boots. Here are the designers for the puppets; Joanne MacNamee designed Timmerman the Tailor and the King. They were designed for Rambilikin. Kevin Lima designed the Trolls, the Unicorn (was a horse for The Incident at Chelmsford), and the Princess. JimMcPerson designed the “Crowd” puppets for Kingdom Without a King. Erminio Pinque designed the “green” giant for Jack and the Beanstalk, and the second giant was for Beauty and the Beast. This production was done at the Howard Hathaway School in Portsmouth, RI. I performed the show with Steven Wall who co-wrote the show with me and Bob Doucette. For those who have seen my other puppet performances on Youtube, you will recognize Here Come the Puppets written and performed by Stephen Snyder.




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