The Lord is my Shepherd,
He gives me EVERYTHING that I need
Though I do not always know it,
Nor am I always aware of his many blessings
He forces me to sleep every night
In the green pastures of memory and dreams.
He leads my life next to the
Deep and still waters of His love,
And I shall follow His lead.
He restores my soul to health.

He guides me in the paths of righteousness
And love that He has shown me in His name.
While I know that I walk in the shadow of death every day,
I will fear nothing, for He is with me, around me, below me,
And within me.
His sword, His shield, His rod, and His staff will
Protect me and comfort me even when I feel no comfort.
He has given me my life, my banquet, to be lived
Amongst all people—my enemies and my friends
He has poured the oil of His love over my body,
And it pours and pours and pours
Even if I cannot feel it all of the time.
Surely, goodness and love and mercy follow me
Every day, every moment, every second of my life,
And I live in His house, in His love, now and long before now
And tomorrow and tomorrow, and forever, and forever.


There is One Last Note

  In memorial for Eugene Grace, May 2003

There is one last note
At the close of any day
In the darkness or twilight
Of just any day.
There is the toast, the ending toast
By the hearth, and by the fire
In the ending of our day.

Farewell, and goodnight

We say often and
Understand them little
And feel them even less,
And yet we say them
Still we repeat them
Until we are hoarse.

They are the last notes
And we dearly love them, too,
Though not sure why,
No more or less than the love
We bear those who have passed our way.

May the goodness of good and
The safety of safe hands
Caress you wherever you are,
May the twilight shine in you and through you
And in standing or lying
In living or dying
May this light be the reflection
Of eternity in you.

Good night, my love.
My sweet, sweet love.

The Four O’Clocks by My House


  • The four o’clocks by my house
  • Bloomed late today
  • Late today, they bloomed.
  • Where are the flowers today?
  • She asks as only daughters can.
  • They are sleeping, they are resting
  • They will bloom at four o’clock
  • At four o’clock they will bloom


  • But why Daddy, why only at four o’clock?
  • I do not know, and that is the truth
  • Four o’clocks bloom at four
  • Sometimes three
  • Sometimes earlier,
  • And sometimes later.
  • They bloom, though, they bloom,
  • And have bloomed for the past twenty years
  • At this time like all time
  • Like no time special
  • And  no time noticed
  •  But bloom just the same
  • They do.
  • I depend on the four o’clocks
  • To bloom every year
  •  I trust that they will bloom
  • That they will bloom.











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