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She wanted a cute purple dragon, and look what came out!!



Two happy swans
Two happy swans

HAPPY TIGERHAPPY PANTHERTRIBAL 3GOLDEN BUTTERFLYFLOWER CHILD 2Werewolf!ARM DRAGONTiger from the jungleTHE JOKERCheetah on the run!Eyebird1SPIDERMANSIMBASkull and Fire Creature Combined 2Fire Creature and Skull CombinedFlower GirlRed MonsterMystery CatAnother TIGER!!!LeopardZebra (Inspired by Wolfe BrothersDSCN4347White TigerSpring Flowers KING REX Sober Cobra Sharkie Shark Pink CheetahFlower ChildFun with Fishesreddragon1reddragonroar1JokerbatrmanangrybirdblackMardi Gras Mask

Yellow Kitty CatWhite BirdclowncarouelButterflypinkBlue Dragon Cheek Artredflowers1Powerrangers2FPAngrybirdsyellowTigerpurplebluebutterflysparkle1CHEEKMonkey1killerclown1ArmUSA






74 PhotoDSCN5900sBlue BirdDSCN5903


Fran and I face paint together and Marc will also work alone.

We work SUNFLOWERS40 miles THE GREAT BROIWN HAIRED AMERICAN EAGLE!!from MAN WOLF!!ProvidenceFIRE CREATURE SNOW PRINCESSand charge travel charges HAPPY PANTHERfor HAPPY WOLFevents further away.  Call us for prices and TRIBAL 3availability.

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