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Block PrintingFor the past twenty years Mr. Kohler has designed and delivered many art workshops for children on the Providence summer recreation playgrounds.  Programs for these playgrounds required several specific dimensions. The children need to learn a process or technique.  Then, they need to practice the process.  Then, they get to make an art piece by using the process. It is important that the creations are sturdy, and that they will last.  I have avoided pieces that fall apart or cannot be kept beyond the time of the workshop.

Sand Casting

Let me describe one of these workshops::For the Mosaic Workshop, I start by showing the children samples of finished mosaic pieces, photos of samples, and possible forms to start a mosaic.  Then the children work with paper designing and drawing designs.  We then fill ib these designs with :”tile” pieces cut from construction paper.  Then, the children repeat the process again with real tile pieces, glass pieces,and shells to create a mosaic piece.  After we let the pieces set-up, we cover the pieces with grout, and wipe them clean.  The finished piece will last for years to come.

NOTE:  We train adults how to do these workshops for teachers, librarians, day care center staff, and any other group that work with children.

Fees;  We charge $6/participant, which includes all supplies. The workshops last from an hour to 90 minutes.  PLEASE NOTE:  we offer these workshops on a sliding scale for educational groups. scouts, recreation centers, libraries, and other not-for-profit groups.  We also would be happy to create a weekly or multiple session programs.


Puppet Making Workshops

a)         Puffit Making – Quick Puppet invented by Marc Kohlerpuffitpictures2
b)        Shadow Puppets
c)         Plaster Bandages over StyrofoamPeople Paintings
d)        Wood filler over Styrofoam
e)         Marionettes in several forms
f)           Rod Puppets
i)       Bucket Masks and Parade

Mural Making

iv) On Paper 36″ wide 15-30′
v)   On Wood  Luan Wood
vi) On Buildings (Permanent Paint)

ceramics1Clay Workshop

a)        Push Bowls. Slab WorkPainting Piece
b)       Wheel Work
c)        Treasure Troves:  Treasure in Clay base

Drums and Rhythm Workshop

a)         Drum Making and Rhythm Instruments
b)        Rhythm (2/4 and 3/4 Time)
c)           The Big Parade

Plaster and ConcreteMural Projectboybrush1

a)      Plaster Piece painting
b)       Plaster Casting
c)       Sand Casting Workshop
e)        Stepping Stones in Concrete

Mosaic Workshop

a)  Viewing Mosaic Pieces and handling samples.

b)  Make Mosaics with construction Paper.

c)  Design and make mosaic on plywood with a Glue/grout to Pumpkin Painitngcomplete piece-

Drawing and Painting Workshopstephen1

a)   Block Printing and Texture Work                                                                                                              

b) Free Drawing and Painting                                                                                                                                                                                         c)    Drawing from “plans”
d)  Painting to Large Size finished Product

Broadway/Stage Workshop

a)   Costumes. Make-up, Characters and short skits.
b)  Video Tape Show

Plants and GardeningA girl and her PuffetA Puffet!! We have made over 25,000 !!

a)   Flower Pot Painting sealed with high gloss sealer
b)   Planting flowers and/or spider plants.  Best for summer events.


a)   Plaster mixed with vermiculiteboy2
b)  Wood gluing and simple carving
c)  Air Dry Clay over sculpture shaping metal

Games and Crafts from the Past and Present

a)  Fuse Beads, Lanyards (Gimp), and other crafts
b) Old Games Played on Fields (Potato Sack, Egg throwing)
c)  Carnival Games
d) Old Games with Boards (Chess, checkers, etc)
e)  Basketball with traveling hoop on wheels
f)     Horse Shoes for adults and another set for children
g)  Basketball Hoop game from Toy storeGirlcerm2
h) Knock Hockey
A little help...

Ceramic PiecesLET'S HAVE A PARADE!!

Wheel Work

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